10 Vacation Rentals Communities Each Professional Should Join

10 Vacation Rentals Communities Each Professional Should Join

In a world where social media rules the internet with an average of 2.77 billion users and where workplace email might soon cease to exist, do online forums still have a place they can call home?

For many sectors, such as the vacation rental industry, forums are as prevalent as ever and can provide a real source of support for hosts in need. If you are looking for advice, support or relevant discussions about topics related to vacation rental (or if you would like to share your own wisdom) take a look at our list of the most helpful forums for owners, hosts and property managers!

What are online forums?

At their core, online forums are discussion sites whereby users can exchange messages and join conversations that interest or resonate with them.

Not only are forums a fantastic way to network and build social connections, but they also help users to feel part of a wider community.

As forums are usually specific to a particular subject matter – in this case, vacation rentals – they’re an ideal place to find like-minded individuals who are experiencing (or have experienced) the same as you.

Even better, on vacation rental industry forums, other owners can help you out by offering their own first-hand experiences and advice. Airbnb horror story? They can chime in with the next steps to take. Negative review? The collective community will help you compose your reply.

Whether you’re looking to achieve more direct bookings or reduce the carbon footprint of your home, it all boils down to advice that you read and receive from people who have already done it.

Here is our list of the 10 most helpful vacation rental forums for owners and managers. All of these forums are active and with useful communities waiting to accept you (and your questions!) with open arms.


1 – Air Hosts Forum

This forum is dedicated to connecting hosts with other hosts. With the latest updates and news just for AirBnb hosts!

2 – HomeAway Community

If you’re a vacation rental owner or manager, you’ve found the definitive resource for all things vacation rental-related, no matter how big or small.

3 – Airbrb Community

A global community of hosts like you
Join the conversation and connect with other hosts who are creating a world where anyone can belong.

4 – Global Hosting Forum & Blog

A central place for BNB owners to meet and exchange knowledge, with hundreds of useful threads covering the most of things in the field.

5 – BiggerPockets Short Term and Vacation Rental Discussion

This forum, brought to users by BiggerPockets, boasts over 27,000 posts to date. In this online space, business owners discuss important aspects of short term real estate and vacation rental properties, such as marketing, legal issues, and the challenges the industry brings.

6 – Vrolio

Vrolio offers a full suite of tools, investment information, and data analytics on short-term rental properties. Our goal is to offer short-term rental investors a single place to buy and sell investment properties.

7. Lay My Hat

The Lay My Hat forum also has an old-school feel, but it’s still full of active members (over 9,000 in total!) sharing tips and rental insights on a daily basis. It’s organized in such a clear way that, to quote Lay My Hat, “even the forum editor’s mother could use it”.

8 – My VR Community

A central place for BNB owners to meet and exchange knowledge, with hundreds of useful threads covering the most of things in the field.

9. Timeshares / Vacation Rentals Forum – TripAdvisor

Out of the many travel-related forums offered by TripAdvisor, they also provide this one specifically about timeshares and vacation rentals. There are already over 3,500 topics with hundreds of replies you can browse through, or you can pose your own new question.

Are there any other forums you’re an active member of that we’ve missed? Get in touch and let us know in the comments!

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